Saturday, April 01, 2006

Celebrity Kids--what they're wearing

Want to know what the celebrities are dressing their kids in? Check out this article Our favorite are the tee's from Mighty Politey.

Mighty Politey cotton tees for infants and toddlers feature a simple concept, one word and one picture to create a statement that you make you laugh out loud. With combinations such as "Stud Muffin", "Queen Bee" and "City Slicker". Mighty Politey shirts are cracking people up all over the country.

The stars love them for their little ones and you will too.
You want to know who's buying what?

Courtney Cox Arquette: Cutie Pie tee for her daughter Coco
Debra Messing: Chick Magnet tee for her son Roman
Britney Spears: Stud Muffin tee for her son Sean Preston