Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Got Game?

Hurray, something cool and hip for baby boys! It's true, Trumpette has designed Johnny Socks for little boys (and for those pink opposed girls). They come in a box of six, each one a different primary color. They mimic good old Converse Chucks, they've even got the laces! If you looking for a unique baby gift or to get his mind in the game check out Johnny Socks from Trumpette. Score!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Cookie...upscale new parenting magazine

There are a bunch of parenting magazines out there, and we all have our favorites. The next time your at the bookstore check out Cookie or visit their website at www.cookiemag.com. You can get a sneak peek into their next issue. It features fashion, home, travel, entertainment and health for parents and their children.

It's not your traditional "baby magazine." The category is changing. Category leader Parenting started to research in 2002 what women wanted in parenting magazines, says Jeff Wellington, vice president and group publisher. The answer, he says, was content that felt more like Vogue and Elle, magazines they read before having children. It's worth checking it out!

Monster Tee's from Dishy Duds

Is your toddler getting you down? Feel like you've got a monster on your hands? These monster shirts from Dishy Duds are a riot! There are six monster faces tee's to choose from. These soft cotton tee's are available in sizes 3 months through youth 10.

Desperate Housewives...a video game?

Okay, I'll admit that my Sunday nights are filled with Wisteria Lane (okay, fine Grey's Anatomy as well). But a video game? Disney's Buena Vista is releasing a PC video game based on the Desperate Housewives tv show. I'm not really sure who would actually buy a Desperate Housewives video game. I can't see a 9 year old too excited about scandals and affairs of a 30-40 year old woman. But this is the new technology age, so maybe there's housewives out there looking for something to fill that empty "hmm... I need a computer game" hole in her life.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Classic Vintage Tee's

No ducks or bunny's here. Altru vintage tee's are hip and cool for boys and girls. Remember the "sorry charlie" ad campaign with that witty blue tuna fish always out smarting that fishermen? Take a look at some of their tee's they offer, your sure to love them.

Egg Pet Plants

Recently, my daughter brought home from Kindergarten her most recent prized possession, her grass plant she grew in a lovely white styro foam cup. She asks to place it prominently in the kitchen window and waters it daily. If you've got a horticulturist on your hands and would like to be spared the stylish styro foam cup, these egg pet plants will fit the bill! Easter is right around the corner, you may even be able to swap out a chocolate bunny for the egg pet plant and save those teeth! You can find them at store.yahoo.com/zebrahall/600853-.html or you can get one FREE with an order here www.trendytogs.com. Still looking for that Easter or Spring dress, check out Deux par Deux they've got an adorable knit floral dress with a matching cardigan!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cool Kicks for Spring

Now that Spring has sprung, it's time to put those winter boots away and shop for those stylin' Spring shoes. Shop www.pocopattino.com where you are sure to find those Spring and Summer shoes you can't live without.

We love this site for several reasons (and you will too), first it's got fabulous shoes from European designers such as Naturino, Primigi, Geox, Mod8, Aster, Puma and Oilily. Poca Pattino has spectacular photography, well written descriptions with helpful tips on how wide they run, and yup it's true you don't have to scroll through tons of pages to find what you are looking for! They have cool shoes for boys (hurray) because boy's deserve to look stylish and cool too! And mom while you're shopping for the hippest shoes for your little ones, you can check out mama's shoes selection and maybe add a strappy number to your Spring selection! Who needs to shop at the "world's biggest online shoe store" when you can find just what you need right here, with personal touch and excellent customer service.

Our two favorites for girls shoes this Spring are: Lelli Kelly Dahlia Dolly and Naturino 7720 (I know, Naturino needs to work on a little creativity there). The Lelli Kelly Dahlia Dolly shoes just flat out rock! Great slip on canvas shoes with some definite funk and pizzaz (and very reasonably priced)! The Naturino 7720 is every little girls dream shoe, pink, pink and more pink! Satin mary jane with a pink flower--just darling! For those little rough and tumblers check out the Geox Fang great Spring colors, and velcro so they never have to slow down, even to tie their shoes. Not only will he look cool, he can say his shoes are called Fangs! A sandal perfect for Spring is the Naturino Faros. Naturino's best selling sandal, just updated and ready to go, go go.

So make sure you swing by www.poccapattino.com you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Candy Wear it Don't Eat it

Save those pearly whites, and dress her in JM Originals this Summer where she can have candy and cookies all day long! Creating funky and whimsical designs since 1976, JM Originals is a must have this season! Whether it's their Chips Ahearts collection with red and turquoise tie dye and chocolate chip cookies, Chick-lets pink pink tie dye with bubbly pink gum, or the rockin' Love collection in grey and pink tie dye hearts and wings included, she'll love them and okay maybe you'll still have to give in to some goodies now and again.

Biscotti Sweetness for Little Girls

There's nothing sweeter that a little girl in a dress from Biscotti. This Spring they have designed some simply gorgeous dresses that will make even those tomboys want to become a princess for a day! Influenced by the late Victorian Era, with their Baby Biscotti Sweet Victorian dress made of a sumptuous crinkled silk, with delicate trimwork in ruffles and tiny rosebuds. The Victorian Strappy Ballet dress, also constructed of crinkled silk flows just beautifully. Straps at the shoulders and just lovely wide outer shoulder sleeves embellished with tiny ruffles and rosebuds creating a soft and feminine feel. For those looking to sprinkle some magic dust this Spring, the Enchanted Fairy Dress is the one for you. Made of lilac netting (with an underdress of course) and embellished with sparkling sequins and flowers, the layers will keep her fluttering for hours.

For those special occasions this Spring and Summer look for Biscotti, always feminine, sweet and will undoubtedly take your breath away!