Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Favorite Looks For Girls For Fall

With all the new Fall trends and fashions it's hard to filter out her favorite boutique looks and what's going to be her favorite. With bright colors dominating this Fall season Catimini's Gypsy Collection fits the bill. Take a look at Catimini's Espirit Gipsy Orange Sweater Dress, Catimini takes the ever-so-stylish sweater dress to new heights with vibrant fall colors and funky striped sleeves! We are all budget conscious this season, Deux par Deux perfects the mix and match. The Deux par Deux Chouette collection offers a variety of mix and match options which helps to spread those pennies!
IKKS leads the trendy and fashion scene, this Fall she can pair together or make separates with IKKS tees are a fun and funky addition to her winter wardrobe! For that classic with a twist, Jean Bourget Authentic V-Neck Dress a blend of retro-inspired prints, velvet ribbon trim and puff sleeves make this dress a guarenteed winner.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holiday Dresses

With the holiday season upon us, it's time to start thinking about girls holiday dresses. The holidays mean a house to decorate, cookies and cakes to bake, gifts to buy so beat the rush and get started on your hunt for the perfect girls holiday dress.

Biscotti's girls holiday dresses are stylish and classic. The Biscotti Plum Tiered Dress is sugar and spice with a dash of style. No pomp and circumstance with Jean Bourget's holiday looks this season, the Jean Bourget Special Edition Asymetrical Dress offers a sleek and trendy holiday look. Deux par Deux keeps her wrapped this winter--in snuggly soft fabrics and big bold stripes! Deux par Deux Esquimau Red Striped Dress is festive and comfy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Winter Accessories

What's an outfit without it's accessories? This Winter accessories aren't just hats and scarfs, although they are awfully cute this season! Catimini has started to add belts and pins to their collections bringing another level of fashion to her closet. IKKS designed a simply fantastic IKKS belt purse, it's a must have plain and simple.

For those who are expecting the Winter winds and mounds of snow....don't fret they will stay warm with Deux par Deux's hats, scarfs and mittens this Winter. For the urban style take a look at IKKS hats and scarves. Without fail, Catimini offers endless choices for Winter coat accessories.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dresses & Skirts with Pizzaz!

Looking to add some pizazz to her Fall wardrobe? Jean Bourget's sophisticated style offers a gorgeous dress from their Authentic collection featuring florals in chartreuse and taupe with an empire waist. An urban layered look from IKKS toddler girl, the Carnaby Floral Layered Dress. Pair this dress with the adorable IKKS tights purple with polka dot removable leg warmers! If she likes to brighten up the room on her arrival, Catimini's Fall Collection is a must!

This Fall offers endless options to add a splash of color with Catimini or sophistication with Jean Bourget. Take the plunge this season and try something new!