Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holiday Jammies

Yay!! Kids holiday pajamas are here! Candy Canes, Christmas Trees, Frosty, Rudolph, and of course, Santa... Eek! I'm smiling already! I can't WAIT to see the kids in these. And for a double jammie whammie, these pjs are made by At Home, who use only the softest, snuggliest cotton for their creations. I promise, you'll want a pair for yourself! Infact, At Home Adult Holiday Pajamas are not only comfy your kids will be thrilled to have matching pj's. Celebrate this holiday season with At Home Pajamas whether its santa or snowman..take your pick.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Start Prepping for the Holidays

September's wrapping up, and the holiday season is fast approaching. That means parents are soon facing holiday parties, family get-togethers, school recitals, and all types of events that require a sweet new outfit for your little girl. Thank goodness for the internet, which allows us to skip the frenzied mall crowds and head straight to the good stuff! Check out these great girls holiday dresses we found:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Prima Ballerinas

Much to my mother's horror, my favorite outfits to wear out to play used to be my dance recital costumes. All you would see as I pedaled my bicycle down the street would be a flash of sparkles, fringe, and ruffles. Although a terrible dancer, I LOVED living the life of a ballerina, outfitted in the most delicate fabrics that spun and twirled with every movement. This fall, designers are drawing inspiration from the dance stage, offering girls clothes will that have her on her tip toes spinning 'round and 'round. Here's just a few we've found:
Jottum Tiranella Tulle Skirt (in light blue and fuchsia)
Pampolina Baby Ballet Embroidered Tee
Lola et Moi Pink Tiered Net Skirt
Biscotti Dress - Neapolitan Princess

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cute and Bubbly

Bubbly personalities deserve a wardrobe just as sweet and bouncy as she is. We've seen the girls bubble skirt trend grow dramatically over the last few years on the runways of big-name designers, but FINALLY we're seeing this youthful style made just for our little fashionistas. Catimini and Deux par Deux have designed their bubble skirts with funky fabrics and adjustable waistbands to keep her looking just a fabulous next year too! Lili Gaufrette turns the trend into a dress, offering two very chic color options: a light blush pink or the oh-so-gorgeous "mink" purple. And believe us when we say that these fabrics are softer than a baby's...well, you know.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby Suri in Lili Gaufrette

Hollywood's most beloved baby, TomKat's doe-eyed Suri Cruise, has been spotted in Lili Gaufrette's Lorene Polka Dot Sweater. And we know where you can buy it...ON SALE!! Check out TrendyTogs.com to garb your little star in this adorable layered sweater this fall.

Photo Credit: justjared.buzznet.com

On the Edge

Sure, we love it when our kids look prim and proper. But do they? Probably not. Chances are, they want to look and dress like Joe Jonas or Selena Gomez...they want a little edge to their wardrobe. Don't worry, we're not asking you to fray any hems or distress any jeans. Instead, we've found some incredible collections of children's urban wear that will satisfy you both. The Catimini Fall 2008 collection features a stunning line of urban wear for boys and girls, big and small. They've got flare jeans for girls, cargo cords for boys, and some of the most fabulous children's winter hats and mittens we've seen. Meanwhile, Okkies is perhaps the master of urban chic, offering fabulous camos, cargos, and graphic layered tees for boys AND girls. And of course, we can't forget IKKS, who's Denim and Vintage lines defy the standard and put your wild child in something truely rockin'!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I suppose I'm not one to talk about pajamas. Not to divulge T.M.I., but an old tee is enough for me to throw on and curl up under the covers in. But there's something so...I don't know...winter-y about a matching pair of kids pajamas. Makes me think of Christmas morning and long weekends spent indoors playing games. I suppose these childhood memories are why some of the best kids pj sets are made just for kids. We love the children's pajama line, At Home Pajamas, because each pair offers unique patterns to fit his/her personality: cars, kitties, robots, snowboarders, hearts...and even (my personal favorite) cupcakes!

Monday, September 15, 2008

More party favors

birthday party favors

I don't mean to get stuck on this topic, it just seems like all of a sudden I've got a ton of parties on my calender. I'm always jealous of those moms who do a good job on the birthday party favors front. I always feel kind of lame handing out Ben & Jerry's gift certificates when they kids are expecting something neat.
I'm guessing that I couldn't go wrong with these personalized birthday cookies. ... yummy butter cookies with your own personalized message in the frosting on the cookie. Granted the kids aren't likely to spend too much time admiring the artwork before they munch it down. But these Beau-Coup Party Favors are sure to be a hit. They've even got some gifts for older kids and adults.

Beau-coup Party Favors to http://www.beau-coup.com/

Easy baby shower gifts

Over the years I've been to my fair share of baby showers. At some point, I fell into the mode of buying the same baby shower gifts regardless of who the new mother was going to be. After a certain number of showers, I can only be so creative and have just run out time.

I've recently found Beau-Coup which is a great resource for baby shower gifts. No more running around from retail store to store trying to find something unique. It's all there at the click of a mouse, no wasted gas or hours trying to find something special.

Even better, when you're putting on the baby shower, they're a one stop shop for baby shower favors. They've got a huge selection of all sorts of neat stuff that will make the event special. I mean, who wouldn't be impressed by personalized mints for your girlfriends shower?
baby shower favors
I've got them bookmarked in my browser for the next time I have to put on a baby shower. They are definitely a one stop shop for baby gifts and baby shower supplies that will help make the day a fun and fabulous event.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's happening...whether you want it to or not. The kids are back to school, the leaves are turning, and the birds are flying south. That's right, winter's on its way! Fortunately, so are several cool new styles for girls. We've found a handful of stylish and totally cozy sweater dresses, the latest and greatest winter trend! The Fall '08 Kenzo collection has three new styles out to appeal to her taste in style (and yours!). If she's vibrant and spunky, she'll love the Kenzo Girl Techo Jap Sweater Dress. For our more sophisticated ice princesses, the Kenzo Girl Kyoto Zen Beige Sweater Dress will have her bundled in style. And colorful characters won't have to pass up fashion for comfort with the Kenzo Girl Techno Jap Pearl Sweater Dress. Meanwhile, Chipie has her looking as sweet as candy in the Chipie Retro Candy Striped Sweater Dress. And we'd never forget our littlest snow bunnies! Deux par Deux keeps her cozy in the Deux par Deux Coquette Knit Dress.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stay Warm this Winter

With old man Winter on our heels, it's time to think about Winter coats. Boys Winter coats and girls Winter coats...what color, what style? Luckily this season the choices for kids Winter coats are adundant. Catimini's Boy Urban Global Mix FC Yellow Parka is a 2 for one and what can be better than that? For the adventurous tyke Jean Bourget's Tiny Authentic Yellow Parka gets him ready to hike to any mountain peak this Winter. For your infant boy Catimini Naissance Boy Urban Parka is sure to keep him snuggly warm. Baby girls Winter coats which to choose.. Kenzo's Mika Eden Reversible Coat will bring blooming flowers and fuzzy pinks to brighten her day. Pink she says toddler girl Winter coats look no further than Kate Mack French Flair Coat, the name says it all. Looking for a classi girls Winter coat this season, Lili Gaufrette's Loetitia Mink Faux Fur Jacket is classic and it's reversible! Oilily's Bella Parka not your basic old Winter coat, its blooming with style!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Jump On In!

We love the versatility of a jumper dress! Besides being utterly adorable, these go-to girls' dresses are easy and fun to layer over her favorite tees and turtlenecks. Add some funky tights underneath to make the look all her own! The Jean Bourget Tiny Authentic Plaid Jumper Dress and the Lili Gaufrette Lexico Chocolate Wool Jumper are the perfect blend of sweetness and sophistication. Chipie and Catimini bring on the funk with the Chipie Psychodelic Jumper Dress and Catimini Spirit Ethnique LT Chartreuse Jumper. And for the younger fashionistas?...Lola et Moi Flower Apron Dress and Deux par Deux Mongolie Aqua Sea Jumper Dress are oh-so girly and whimsical.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rock on Rocker Boy!

So he's a rocker...take a look at these rocker styles that will fit his rock n roll personality! IKKS Denim Rocker Hair Tee for the abstract, Catimini Labo Rocker Boy Tee for the punk rocker. City Threads Garage Band Tee is where it all starts. For the tie dye fans Charlie Rocket Classic Rock Tee is a sure standing ovation! Whether your looking for a boy's rock n roll tee, a boys rock band tee, or just a cool rockin boy's tee your sure to find one this Fall season!