Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jottum is up!

Yes, our first experience with this fabulous and deep Dutch line, you can see Jottum here.

for me, this Jottum Tanja Skirt and Set is unique in children clothes.

Here's some background on the Dutch brand:

Jottum! is a cry of excitement.

And also the imaginative brand of clothing made in Edam. It owes its fame to Dutch quality and boundless originality.And the name? Well, that's a strange story.Since the 14th century, jots have been appearing in the small Dutch city Edam. Eye-witnesses describe cheeky little chaps with long arms and legs. They always wear yellow caps. Jots simply love cheese, from sweet-milk to cheddar (and even grated). For centuries, the population of Edam has been guarding its warehouses. They were forced to: a hungry jot is resourceful. Between 1920 and 1929 they launched a veritable invasion. Cheeses disappeared by their dozens.Edam was in an uproar.

But the tide turned on 21 June 1929. That night, the seamstress Klaar Klosje caught a sleepy jot. Her triumphant cry Jottum! echoed through the town. (Roughly translated it means "I've got him!") Klaar immediately noticed the jot's cute clothes. After some prodding, the jot admitted that they made their own clothes. And had been doing sofor centuries. In subdued as well as eye-batting colours. And from fabrics that are perfect for adventurers - jots love rough and tumble. Shortly afterwards, the jots entered into a unique agreement with the Edammers. In exchange for 50 kilos of cheese a week, they would help Klaar Klosje to design children's clothes. To express her gratitude, the seamstress named the clothing line Jottum. This agreement with thejots - which is framed and hangs on our wall - has never been changed. Nor has our conviction that children are entitled to the best. This applies to cheese, but equally to clothes.Jottum. Dutch honesty.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

heidi klum & family (correction)

i stand corrected, the little boys shirt is City Threads Big Guitar Tee

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

heidi klum & family

we're not prone to be starstruck but we're always pleased when we find a celeb who has some taste in kids clothes... this comes to us from our friends at Celebrity Baby Blog, Heidi Klum and her kids out for a stroll.

note the stylish Charlie Rocket outfit on her boy, figures, the charlie rocket big guitar tee is sold out already.

also, her daughter in this oilily dress

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oilily Info Source

For those of you who need to know everything about you kids clothes, check out this site on Oilily. lots of good information about the brand as well as store locations, current news and you can even link to maps of the retail stores.

amazing what you can find on the web, super detail about anything and everything you can imagine

Saturday, June 09, 2007

wait, summer hasn't even started

Amazingly enough, Fall is right around the corner in the world of childrens clothes, so we've already begun to think about back to school. we're excited about some new european clothing brands for fall 2007 like; Jottum, a timeless and unique Dutch brand, Chipie, a fun French brand that's been around since 1967, Lili Gaufrette, also French but more classical kid clothes and last but not least, Pampolina, also a major brand outside the US.

hard to believe that Fall 2007 will be showing up in the warehouse any day. keep your eye out for Fall Pre-orders as they'll be up before you know it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Helping Hand

I wanted to pass along some information and was hoping that you may be interested in offering a helping hand. There is nothing more heartbreaking that a sick child. There is a non-profit organization called Orange County Foundation for Oncology Children and Families that is a volunteer-run organization providing year-round recreational and social activities designed to foster supportive relationships for pediatric cancer patients and their families. These children with cancer are fighting the battle of their lives, and organizations like this can offer hope and give them a chance to be a kid during a incredibly difficult time in their lives.

There are so many ways you can help, through volunteering and donations. This organization is under jeopardy, because they are non-profit they depend on donations and volunteers. Please take a minute too look at the website and see if you can help http://www.ocf-ocf.org/fund.html.