Monday, April 24, 2006

Posh Cravings--insider's guide

The founder's of Posh Tots have done it again with the introduction of Posh Cravings, a guide for the savvy mom. Four friends with four different styles, personalities, views on life, and pregnancy share how they balance it all, the dish on what's hot and their fab finds. It's a bi-weekly newsletter, when you sign up you are automatically entered in their monthly drawing for a fabulous treat. This month it's mama bling (who doesn't love diamonds?). A large diamond mama pendant, worn by Jennifer Garner and Gwenyth Paltrow two proud mama's! Check out "today's dish" for the latest fabulous finds!

Don't forget mom

With Mother's Day right around the corner, it's time to let her know she's the best mom in the world! Things I Love Tee's are a great way to let her and everyone else know that you love your mom and your proud! Laughter is always a good gift, Momisms What She Says And What She Really Means will definitely bring some laughter to her day! A very funny book. Help her cherish the early days of your childhood by creating a handprint poem.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Protect those baby blues!

You can almost hear the crash of the surf and call of the seagulls, the summer season is almost here. We know you're ready with the sunscreen, but what about your babies eyes?

The human eye is ten times more sensitive to harmful UV rays than your skin. The lens of a child allows 70% more UV rays to reach the delicate retina than in an adult. Yet how many of us consider sunglasses for our children a must like using sunscreen? Not many! Children's eyes need all the protection they can get!

Protect them with Frubi Shades, soft protective eyewear. What makes them special? They are made of a soft, spongy, molded material that is comfortable--kid's don't even know they are wearing them. Second, Frubi Shades stay on with an adjustable Velcro strap in the back, they won't slide down your child's nose. Your kids will love them, sold in packs of 3 (a girls or boys pack) or individually.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

oilily clothes site

A friend has created this site to cover the happenings around one of my favorite childrens clothing brands, Oilily...

it will be worth watching to get all the scoop (and all those increbile girls skirts and girls dresses!)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A To Do List with a Smile

Check off your To Do List with a smile! I found Picpads, a pad with a printed picture of your kids playing soccer or your favorite pet. Send your digital picture, pick a pad size and in 10 days you'll have a unique and fun pad to help you enjoy life a little while completing those tasks. Available in two sizes with or with out lines, notepad 5 X 8 or shopping list 3.5 X 8.5. Sets of 4 (40 sheets per pad) for $24.95. Great Mother's and Father's Day gift ideas!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Top 5 Summertime Skirts

Twirling whirling skirts for Summertime, what could be better? Skirts are hot this season, from the hippie gypsy to the skort.

1) Mimi & Maggie Springtime collection features an incredibly comfortable and stylish hippie skirt and tank, Mish Mish's Gypsy skirt with vibrant colors in a big flower print and embellished tank is a sure hit.

2) For the whirly girl Room Seven has the perfect skirt for even the most experienced twirlers. The full tiered saffran skirts blends geometric patterns, floral, and plaids beautifully to create a stunning skirt. Oilily's Twixy skirt, gorgeous printed poplin and contrasting ruffles.

3) Rumba and ruffle with Cakewalk this Spring. Ruffle skirts are hot and definitely not ones to pass up. Wrap it up with Cakewalk's cross reversible wrap ruffle skirt and striped stretch tee.

4) The classic pleated look just never goes out of style. Catimini a brand we can expect to see fresh and innovative looks, this Spring has designed a feminine skirt Un Long Dimanche a la Campagne fresh florals and sequins, for those fashion forward girls the Kachinas Poupees skirt is a must.

5) Ah, the skort a marvelous invention. JM Originals and Catimini this Spring feature some great stylish skort looks, for those girls who want to express their girly side without sacrificing exposing their hello kitty undies.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Little Scoop? The Inside on What's Hot

You receive the Sunday paper every Sunday to read up on world events, and of course those fabulous local sales that you must absolutely not miss for the upcoming week. I found A Little Scoop a great weekly newsletter that comes right to your computer screen ever Tuesday, and it's free.

They bring unique and hip things for your kids right to you, let them do the leg work! So sign up and be sure to get in on A Little Scoop and find out what's hot!

A Running Skirt?

A skirt made for running? Yes, I thought the same thing. I am a moderately serious runner, and have always felt like running was a nice true to sport activity. But I have to say, I checked out their site and the idea is pretty cool. I ordered one for myself, yes I'll be the one in the running skirt!

The company SkirtSports, Inc was created by an Ironman Champion Nicole DeBoom. Even the buff athlete had body image issues, she envisioned a skirt for running, workouts, and playing afterward. The result is unlike anything on the glutted fitness apparel market. It's not your mom's skort. It's not a kilt. It's not like any tennis skirt. Most of all, and most importantly, it's not sausage-casing tights or boxy, mannish shorts.

So check them out, Triks there's the GymGirl, MarathonGirl, MarathonGirl - CoolMax, and BikeGirl and more.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Great Summertime Tee's

Tee shirts and tank are a basic to every wardrobe--with Summer on the way here's a few one's your sure to love.

Great tee's for Summer:
1) Does she love the beach, the sand between her toes and shimmering rhinestones? I've found a tank she can't live without. A Wish's Beach Babe Tank, cotton ribby tank with rhinestones forming a bikini and "beach babe" spelled out.

2) A way to "own" a drum set without actually having to "own" a drum set! City Threads vintage rock n roll tee's are without a doubt a must have for every boy. So rock on!

3) It's simple. One word. One picture. Mighty Politey tee's, if they don't make you chuckle you've got no sense of humor (hopefully you are laughing). Lucky Duck, a little yellow duck biting a four leaf clover in his bill, with "lucky" spelled out. Come on, let it out, it's funny!

4) Every kid loves glue, thankfully it now comes in sticks and we can control the damage. Altru's Elmer's Glue tee is a great vintage tee for both boys and girls alike. Soft and comfy, available in even sizes only.

Tooth Fairy Update

I wrote earlier about a blog article I read discussing how the tooth fairy had been slacking off. They have had some great tips from readers I thought you'd enjoy the update.

Would your kid be listed under "The Worst Looks for Kids 2005"?

A great article written by Michelle Kouzmine, in her kid's fashion column on She hits on 5 key points. So mom's (and anyone shopping for kids clothes) it's time to pay attention.

The trends are leaning in the direction of "getting older younger". This is probably one area that really disappoints me, in both parents choices and the greedy industry (cash is king at the expense of our kids childhoods). So let's defend our kids and let our kids be kids, don't dress them like they are mini adults, they'll have years of it (believe me). There are plenty of great looks out there, that are fun and unique without turning your daughter into a Bratz doll.

Make it a team effort when clothes shopping with your kids. Find clothes that expresses their personality and one's that you can live with. It can be tough, my daughter keeps finding these massive bows from her toddler years that she thinks is just the stunning finishing touch for her ensemble. It's painful and just completely kills her outfit that I have painstakingly put together...but she's got to be able to express herself and make choices.

So if you've read Michelle's article and are guilty, it's a new year (pretty new anyways) there's still time to make amends!

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time

In case you missed playing and pranks on loved ones's a good read and a good laugh. A list of the top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes...we loved the The Left Handed Whopper!

Celebrity Kids--what they're wearing

Want to know what the celebrities are dressing their kids in? Check out this article Our favorite are the tee's from Mighty Politey.

Mighty Politey cotton tees for infants and toddlers feature a simple concept, one word and one picture to create a statement that you make you laugh out loud. With combinations such as "Stud Muffin", "Queen Bee" and "City Slicker". Mighty Politey shirts are cracking people up all over the country.

The stars love them for their little ones and you will too.
You want to know who's buying what?

Courtney Cox Arquette: Cutie Pie tee for her daughter Coco
Debra Messing: Chick Magnet tee for her son Roman
Britney Spears: Stud Muffin tee for her son Sean Preston

Is the Tooth Fairy slacking off?

If your son or daughter has recently lost a tooth, this is a must read blog posting for you! I got a good chuckle as we have had a similar experience with the tooth fairy this year. My daughter lost her 2nd tooth and wasn't quite ready to give it up. We wrote the tooth fairy a note asking her not to take the tooth just yet. Once she decided she was ready, we wrote another note letting her know it was okay to take the tooth. But the tooth fairy did not come. I wasn't sure if we offended her with our first request to wait. Luckily, she came back the next night and took the tooth, left a shiny coin and a trail of her sparkling fairy dust. I'll tell you that fairy dust is pretty nice, I'm thinking she should look into bottling it and selling it by the ounce!