Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mimi & Maggie Rainbow Skies

Bohemian dreams and rainbow skies, Mimi & Maggie knows how to make little girls smile. What's great about Mimi & Maggie is that it's got style, it's appealing to girls and it still let's them be kids. The Mimi & Maggie Rainbdow Skies Artist Smock is a definite must have, layer with jeans for a cool look she'll love. For the skirt girls, Mimi & Maggie Rainbow Skies Tiered Skirt and Tee are simply fabulous. All girls love comfort, Mimi & Maggie Rainbow Skies Vintage Floral Sweatpants and coordinating hoodie is all she needs.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Play this Fall with Baby Nay

Baby Nay a brand we all know and love for it's comfort, fit and style. It's easy wearable, washable and thankfully not too pricey! Baby Nay's Fall Collection TJ Patch welcomes the season with it's reds, blacks, greens and yellows. A playful mix of patterns and colors makes this first collection by Baby Nay for Fall a winner for sure!