Wednesday, October 24, 2007

roll your own

I love it when the Brits use the word 'bespoke' not sure why, it just sounds cool. so now we have the latest attempt at letting the masses design their own clothes. go check out Styleshake, choose a fabric, design a dress and it shows up in 10 days. Handmade, bespoke fashion from London... ah, it's too good to be true, no delivery yet outside the UK!

apparently, they've got more than 1,000 designs created already (once you do a design, others can buy it). Looks fairly pricey, $330 in the example I saw.

I must say, I find the grey mannequins a bit creepy!

no word on when kid clothes will be on the menu but we'll keep an eye out. of course, we'd really like to have access to some oilily fabrics. of course, we'd have to come up with a London address where they could send that fabulous girls holiday dress

Okkies for Boys

Give him some rugged and hip stlyes this season with Okkies. A line created for boys, comfortable, washable and yet stylish. Tie waist so there's no tugging and pulling to get them down, room for play. The Okkies Charcoal Camo Pant should not be overlooked. The Okkies Thermal O Tee's are great basics that can be worn with just about any of the pants. Take a look, once you give Okkies a try you'll be hooked!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

European Fall Fashions

Fall is in full swing. Take a look at some fabulous Fall European styles this season. Cakewalk clothing offers florals and delights for the girls and rugged and sporty for the boys. Chipie, this season has outdone themselves with their stunning tunics, patchwork orange perfect for that cool fall day. Oilily Winter 1 & 2 Collections, offering velvets and embellished denims in their Sovie Velvet Jumper Dress or the Syza Pleated Denim Dress. Room Seven's classic Saffran Skirt, add some fun with the Peacock Tee. Lili Gaufrette for those classic and clean lines. Pampolina adds some spunk to her wardrobe straight from Germany! Catimini without fail has designed a collection that both your little girl and boy are sure to adore!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tis The Season...Holiday Dresses

Tis the season, the holidays are around the corner and the holiday dresses styles are gorgeous. Biscotti holiday dresses, Biscotti Fairy Blossom, Sparkling Moments Satin Bubbble Dress, Biscotti Attic Treasure Silk Dress and Velvet Shrug, I Feel Pretty Taffeta Skirt Set. Wati's Flower Skirt or Red Velvet Embroidered Jacket. Catimini's Atelier, Red Flower Jumper Dress or Catimini's Atelier Red Flower Tunic. Oilily's holiday collection is always a stunner, Toos All Over Print Party Skirt, Oilily Shea Party Dress. So many wonderful choices this season for your little girl's holiday dress style.