Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Catimini Fall 2006 is Arriving!

We know it's still hot and the Summer is in full swing, but Catimini Fall 2006 is arriving and the clothes are sizzling! Adorable plaid jumpers from the Gouter Anglais group for baby girls, Maya de Lima beaded tee and mocha pinstriped skirt for big girls. If your looking for a cool winter feel the Princess D'Hiver group is sure to send chills down your spine. It's cool blues, light greens and lilacs with floral designs that mimic snowflakes will remind you winter is on it's way. Don't worry the boy's are not left out, there is still more to come from Catimini's Fall 2006 collection for boys!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Move over boring jeans!

Stop what you're doing and read this! I have found the coolest boys pants for Fall from Okkies. No matter how you try, there is simply no possible way to out do these pants! Okkies designs and copyrights all their fabrics so you won't see them anywhere else. The pants are a soft fine corduroy, flat front clean design with 2 buttons, zip fly and 2 pockets. What adds to the fact that they are already the coolest pants ever is that the backs are elastic, so your son will not have to worry about button up or down. Break away from ugh.. jeans and khaki's, how many can he own?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Bumbo Infant Seat

If you have and infant and don't have a Bumbo Seat you will soon after reading this! My girlfriend who recently had her first baby sent a picture with her daughter in this funny looking seat. She swears by it, she's got it all the supersauce, high chair, bouncy seat, swing and says by far this is the best money she has ever spent!

The Bumbo Seat is a new baby seat that can be used on any flat surface to seat your baby upright. The Bumbo Baby Sitter is perfect for babies as young as 3 months up to approximately 14 months. It's soft and comfortable and has no uncomfortable straps of fasteners, and is lightweight and portable - made from a durable, easy-to-clean, non-toxic material.

Available at www.bumboseat.com

Interactive Wallpaper

Okay, I saw this and had to laugh. The walls in my house have been "faux drawn" by my four year old. As much as we appreciate his artistic expression, modernism at its best, it would be better appreciate on paper! Wallpaper from Graham & Brown is just the solution! The artists Wood and Taylor design the frames and you decide what goes in them. They can be pictures of your kids, or your kids can paint or draw inside the frames. Never thought you'd be happily handing your toddler a marker and telling him to draw on the wall!

Warm up with Room Seven Fall 2006

Room Seven's Fall Collection welcomes Winter with their sumptuous fabrics, warm velvets, soft corduroy and fine tweeds and herringbones just to mention a few. They've designed several great skirts this Fall, their signature saffran skirt (that's a must), the mini skirt which comes in a big flower print or a gorgeous herringbone, Reversible Silly Skirt(gotta love that) and the Sanna Printed Panel Skirt. All girls love dresses and boy the dresses this Fall are adorable! The Saffran Dress, Dona Pink Ribbon Jumper or Devon Velvet Embroidered Jumper, you'll have a tough time deciding! If your looking to splurge the Pablo Velvet Flared Pants are luxuriously soft and comfortable, and fully lined. If corduroy is more your style, the Pablo Corduroy Flared Pant will satify your every need. Make sure you check out their blazers, fully lined and incredibly well made, chocolate velvet blazer or red and pink plaids blazer. Fall pre-orders are now available at www.trendytogs.com

Rock into Fall with Charlie Rocket

If your looking for rugged and sporty clothes for your son this Fall, look no further than Charlie Rocket. This Fall they've got some great tee's and pants! Being that it is the Winter season, the Ice Hockey shirt and Lift Pass Snowboarding shirts are a must! Okay, the pants are basics but they can stand up to even the toughest of boys, the tan corduroys are soft and comfy, not only do they go with everything they have an adjustable waist! Spice up his jeans with their vintage 5 pockets jeans!