Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Easter Dresses 2008

With Easter hopping around the corner, make sure your little funny bunny has the perfect Easter dress. Biscotti's Rosy Ruffles Puffy Sleeve Dress is perfect for those Easter egg hunts. Oilily's Sohappy Linen Allover Floral Print Dress is perfect for the little girl who loves to twirl. For the traditional girl Baby Nay's Paperero Puffy Dress will delight her. Easter is full of treats and googies, why not treat your little girl to the perfect Easter dress?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Skirts that TWIRL!


Every little girl loves skirts (and dresses for that matter) that twirl and make them feel like a princess. Room Seven known for their fabulous skirts this Summer season has some great twirling skirts, Room Seven Saffran Skirt and Room Seven Suzan Skirt. Oilily's Twingle Skirt will certainly hang in there with the best of the twirlers as well, Oilily Toos Skirt with red tulle for some added spin. Ooh, for a great twirl and comfort Lili Gaufrette's Lambimbo Skirt and L'Chouckett Dress. Catimini toddler girl offers some happy twirling skirts Catimini Spirit Ethnique Raspberry Skirt, for big girl Catimini Spirit Ethnique (can't them come up with some more unique names for their collections?) Gypsy Skirts in both Prune and Fushcia. There are endless choices for your little twirly girl for maximum twirl this Summer season!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Make A Splash This Summer!

Make a splash this Summer at the pool or at the beach. Kate Mack's Eye for Eyelet swimsuit collections will brighten up any day with its limes and flowers. No Summer swimsuit season is complete without a little fruity style, Kate Mack Fruit Punch make sure she gets her daily vitamin C! Don't forget the boys, they need some cool swimshorts too...Luckily Charlie Rocket Swimshorts gotta covered. Whether it's the Hawaiian Florals or the Vintage Woody Truck Swimshorts he's sure to love them both!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oilily Spring 2008 at last

So finally Oilily Spring 2008 has arrived!

for your toddler, you'll have to check out this Oilily Tucan shirt for Girls. Who can? Tucan can! A whimsical and playful tee from Oilily. There's not much to not just love about this adorable tee, tucans, hippos, monkeys and flowers scattered about, ruffling along the sleeves

For your little girl, check out this Oilily Dress. Oilily makes summer warmer with this soft-colored cutie. Linen with tulle underlay, a dress can’t get more comfortable or more precious. Fabric belt of complementary floral pattern ties it all together while the butterfly on her shoulder.

There's plenty more to come, go check it out before that snow melts.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Catimini Girls for Spring

Just a quick note on Catimini, we've seen some of the boutique childrens brand start to appear. we're especially excited about Catimini's Spirit Ethinique group...

here's a great Catimini sundress from the collection, Crotched up top and flowy down below, lime never looked more appealing. Colorful buttons keep the piece together fashionably and literally. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the collection!

easter dresses for girls for spring 2008

here's a couple of ideas for your baby girl or toddler girl for Easter or other special occasions that will be here before you know it this Spring.

Here's an Easter Dress for your baby girl from Le Pink. And the colors! So springy. So jr. bride’s maid. So any-day-she-wants-to-feel-like-a-fairy. A great dress for any special occasion.

Or a fabulous special occasion dress from Biscotti. Right for an special occasion for your little girl. Arranging flowers from an English garden and wrapping them in yellow ribbon with white polka dots is enough to make your little girl swoon.

for a little less conventional, check out this Wati dress. It's hot pink, she can twirl with Wati this Spring in this fabulous voile tiered sundress.

and last but not least, this Lili Gaufrette girls dress. Lili Gaufrette makes us says “Aw” quite a lot. But this sweet yellow checkered girl dress extends our reaction (and the “w”s) to “Awwwwwwwww!” It