Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Baby Boot Camp--Bring your baby and get fit!

Get back into those pre-baby jeans with Baby Boot Camp! Having a baby can reek havoc on your body, but with Baby Boot Camp you can take charge. What I love is that baby comes too! No gym daycares, or your infant crying desperately as you leave, no runny noses passed along! A variety of class formats are available to meet your fitness needs, including indoor, outdoor, prenatal and express.

Baby Boot Camp is a stroller based fitness program focused on the needs of pre- and post-natal women. The fitness classes are designed specifically for pre- and post-natal women of any fitness level (yup, so no need to be an ironwoman) and incorporate your newborn baby into the class format. It offers time to bond with your baby as well as other supportive moms. Taught by nationally certified fitness professionals, Baby Boot Camp focuses on strength-training exercises with cardiovascular drills to target all major muscle groups. Pilates, yoga and abdominal exercises help improve core strength (ah yes, remember those things called abs?)

The first class is free so no excuses not to at least check it out--bring a friend. To find a location in your area