Sunday, September 17, 2006

OILILY Winter Toddler Girls Must Have's

Okay, so all the pieces from Oilily are must have's because they are truly all superb. Oilily's Winter Collection 2007 is definitely not one to miss! Join Lily as she travels to the Far East. For the toddler girls there are tons of tea party themed items, the Suzet Tea Party Dress, Katjie I Love Cookies Tee, Toods Velour Tea Party Skirt are just some of the few fantastic pieces. Far Eastern friend the Panda shows in up as well the Sanda Jumper, Kwein Tee (he's so cute), the Deesjie Pant, and the subtle but gosh its adorable Somas Dress. There are 2 great outfits that are just amazing the Kopo Embroidered Tee and Toesy Skirt and the Kopo Bird Tee and Dungfu Pant. Check them out you won't be disappointed!