Sunday, February 10, 2008

easter dresses for girls for spring 2008

here's a couple of ideas for your baby girl or toddler girl for Easter or other special occasions that will be here before you know it this Spring.

Here's an Easter Dress for your baby girl from Le Pink. And the colors! So springy. So jr. bride’s maid. So any-day-she-wants-to-feel-like-a-fairy. A great dress for any special occasion.

Or a fabulous special occasion dress from Biscotti. Right for an special occasion for your little girl. Arranging flowers from an English garden and wrapping them in yellow ribbon with white polka dots is enough to make your little girl swoon.

for a little less conventional, check out this Wati dress. It's hot pink, she can twirl with Wati this Spring in this fabulous voile tiered sundress.

and last but not least, this Lili Gaufrette girls dress. Lili Gaufrette makes us says “Aw” quite a lot. But this sweet yellow checkered girl dress extends our reaction (and the “w”s) to “Awwwwwwwww!” It