Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mix and Match

There is nothing better than feeling like you've gotten the most out of your outfits. Mixing and matching is a skill that companies like Jean Bourget and Lili Gaufrette make seem easy! The Jean Bourget Girls Casual Collection offers tunics and tops that can be paired with skirts, pants or shorts. Boy's included, Jean Bourget boy's offers mixing and matching with shorts and tee's, they've also designed zip up's to top off the look!

Catimini known for their playful looks and fresh designs dishes out mix and match this Summer season! Pair a Catimini Spirit Denim top with any pant or skirt from their collection and you've got a hit! Wati's Summer Collection 2009 introduces a sorbet-colored palette: dresses and separates that mix and match with ease, at prices we know will please you!