Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Easy Dressing for Summer

It's tough enough to dress toddlers, they're on the move and the last thing they want is to stop for putting clothes on. Okkies made dressing kids easy with their elastic waist pull on pants/shorts. Not only are they off and on in a jiffy they are stylish too. Jean Bourget's Summer collection offers leggings, makes dresses a snap. Layer under a dress and she can hit the playground. Made of soft cotton, elastic waist..what else could she ask for?

Baby Nay's easy knits can't get easier, whether pant sets, dresses or rompers they all offer dressing in a cinch. Baby Nay's Swiss Dot Sundress, welcomes the spring with flowers, butterflies, birds, and lace--all in one fabulous set! Head out to the beach with Wati's Talia Dress, it's airy and makes dressing a breeze. Sundresses are always a must for Summer, Catimini's Spirit Denim Sundress makes a splash this season! So go ahead and enjoy the Summer with these effortless clothes that makes dressing a cinch!