Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Prima Ballerinas

Much to my mother's horror, my favorite outfits to wear out to play used to be my dance recital costumes. All you would see as I pedaled my bicycle down the street would be a flash of sparkles, fringe, and ruffles. Although a terrible dancer, I LOVED living the life of a ballerina, outfitted in the most delicate fabrics that spun and twirled with every movement. This fall, designers are drawing inspiration from the dance stage, offering girls clothes will that have her on her tip toes spinning 'round and 'round. Here's just a few we've found:
Jottum Tiranella Tulle Skirt (in light blue and fuchsia)
Pampolina Baby Ballet Embroidered Tee
Lola et Moi Pink Tiered Net Skirt
Biscotti Dress - Neapolitan Princess