Thursday, October 02, 2008

Twinkle Toes

They are simply adorable, don't they just bring a smile to your face? Best of Chums Crocheted Booties what's not to love about them? Whether your baby boy will the Best of Chums Basketball Booties or Best of Chums Pirate Boy Booties, either way you can't go wrong. Need a baby gift? Best of Chums Hippo Crocheted Booties for baby girl and Best of Chums Monkey Booties for your little boy. The holidays are just around the corner and Best of Chums has got you covered. Whether it's Santa, reindeer, penguins or our personal favorite the Polar Bears, it's easy to join in the holiday cheer with Best of Chums Booties. Not only that they've got outfits to match-what else can they think of next??