Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winter Velvets

There is nothing like sumptuous velvets during the chilly winter months. Wati's Fall Collection offers 2 styles of velvet coats, a long coat the Wati Sadie Coat in deep purple with embroidery or the short coat Wati Nikki Chocolate Velvet Jacket warm browns with floral embroidery. Baby Nay's Rose Toile collection celebrates the season with their velvet charcoal jacket.

Jean Bourget offers several velvet pieces this Fall season, the Jean Bourget Special Edition Velvet Pant for those girls that don't want to wear dresses or for the girl that does Jean Bourget's Tiny Girl Special Edition Velvet Dress is a sure hit. Add some splash with that velvet with the Oilily Slamboe Dress, it's simply gorgeous.

Okay, so it's velvets cousin velour which is just a knit version of velvet so we couldn't leave this out, Biscotti's Waterfall Blue Tunic Set, it's dreamy and it's comfy! So don't fret the cold Winter months, wrap her in velvets this season she'll be cozy and fashionable all wrapped into one!