Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Apparel

It's Election Day, and we're all feeling some national pride! Encourage your kids to get into the patriotic groove with you. City Threads--a California-based clothing company known for making sporty graphic tees--makes it easy with their Navy Peace Fingers Tee, which layers a stars 'n stripes peace sign over a groovy yin yang-and-guitar long sleeved tee.

Charlie Rocket is another California creation that offers cool boys attire made right here in the USA! Their Grey Striped 2Fer Polo Tee offers red & blue stripes on a layered polo for that good ol' American boy look. Or perhaps he'd rather have the Charlie Rocket Surf USA Tee, screen printed with a map of the States? Heck, why not get both, they're both on SALE!