Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Her a Twirl!

What little girl doesn't love a good, twirling skirt? It's the essence of being a girl! Wati's Charlie Grey Tiered Skirt is hands down a top twirling skirt. Don't be fooled because it's made of linen, it's a heavy weave and doesn't crinkle and fold like other linens.
The French know their fashion and so does Lili Gaufrette, a fantastic French company that designs, European childrens boutique clothes. Without fail, the Lili Gaufrette Lambimo Skirt will delight her and provide a her with a top level twirl. Oilily, the name just brings a smile to our faces. The Oilily Twixy Skirt with blends of oranges and pinks will be a blurr as she twirls by.
It doesn't always have to be a girl for a full twirl affect, Room Seven's Drew Patchwork Dress can hang with the best of the twirl skirts. There are plenty of options this Winter season, let her twirl into the season in style.