Monday, December 01, 2008

It's The Cat's Meow

Little girls and kitties cats are like peanut butter and jelly..they just go together! At Home Kitty Kat Pajamas will let her get ready for bed with tons of colorful cats. 100% cotton, made in the USA, but most importantly they are scattered with cats in a multitude of happy colors. Kidcosmic known for their whimsical designs, shows their love for cats too! The Kidcosmic Kitty Tiered Skirt Set, not only is the skirt covered with adorable kitties, it twirls AND it's trimmed with a pink sequin ruffle...I mean what else is there?
Oilily's Kitty Tee is sweet and stylish, on a Winter white tee a raised fuzzy cat and flowers. If she's an accessories girl, the Oilily Kitty Backpack, Oilily V-Cat, Oilily lets her take her ani-pal wherever she goes. And this kitty won't shed all over her stylish clothes either!