Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Stripes for All!

Stripes for all! Every girl and boy needs a few good striped outfits in their closet. Charlie Rocket Striped Layered Tee, it's boyish and rugged. Chipie's Retro Candy Striped Sweater Dress, not only will it keep her warm all Winter long it's got a bit of cashmere for that extra touch you expect from Chipie. Every boy needs a good hoodie, Catimini's Spirit G/E Green Striped Hoodie it's stylish and cool, there will be no fighting to get this hoodie from Catimini on! Jazz it up a bit with Oilily, not your basic stripe, the Oilily Krisp Striped Tee with the flair you can expect from Oilily.
A subtle and feminine striped cardigan from Lili Gaufrette, light weight 100% cotton light pink and wine stripes trimmed with roses along the collar for your little rose. Deux par Deux, a soft and comfy velour striped dress with vibrant colors to brighten up any Winter day. The Deux par Deux Mongolie Striped Velour Dress, sorry it's for kids only. So add an updated stripe to your toddlers wardrobe this Winter season.