Saturday, April 01, 2006

Is the Tooth Fairy slacking off?

If your son or daughter has recently lost a tooth, this is a must read blog posting for you! I got a good chuckle as we have had a similar experience with the tooth fairy this year. My daughter lost her 2nd tooth and wasn't quite ready to give it up. We wrote the tooth fairy a note asking her not to take the tooth just yet. Once she decided she was ready, we wrote another note letting her know it was okay to take the tooth. But the tooth fairy did not come. I wasn't sure if we offended her with our first request to wait. Luckily, she came back the next night and took the tooth, left a shiny coin and a trail of her sparkling fairy dust. I'll tell you that fairy dust is pretty nice, I'm thinking she should look into bottling it and selling it by the ounce!