Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Running Skirt?

A skirt made for running? Yes, I thought the same thing. I am a moderately serious runner, and have always felt like running was a nice true to sport activity. But I have to say, I checked out their site and the idea is pretty cool. I ordered one for myself, yes I'll be the one in the running skirt!

The company SkirtSports, Inc was created by an Ironman Champion Nicole DeBoom. Even the buff athlete had body image issues, she envisioned a skirt for running, workouts, and playing afterward. The result is unlike anything on the glutted fitness apparel market. It's not your mom's skort. It's not a kilt. It's not like any tennis skirt. Most of all, and most importantly, it's not sausage-casing tights or boxy, mannish shorts.

So check them out, Triks there's the GymGirl, MarathonGirl, MarathonGirl - CoolMax, and BikeGirl and more.