Saturday, April 01, 2006

Great Summertime Tee's

Tee shirts and tank are a basic to every wardrobe--with Summer on the way here's a few one's your sure to love.

Great tee's for Summer:
1) Does she love the beach, the sand between her toes and shimmering rhinestones? I've found a tank she can't live without. A Wish's Beach Babe Tank, cotton ribby tank with rhinestones forming a bikini and "beach babe" spelled out.

2) A way to "own" a drum set without actually having to "own" a drum set! City Threads vintage rock n roll tee's are without a doubt a must have for every boy. So rock on!

3) It's simple. One word. One picture. Mighty Politey tee's, if they don't make you chuckle you've got no sense of humor (hopefully you are laughing). Lucky Duck, a little yellow duck biting a four leaf clover in his bill, with "lucky" spelled out. Come on, let it out, it's funny!

4) Every kid loves glue, thankfully it now comes in sticks and we can control the damage. Altru's Elmer's Glue tee is a great vintage tee for both boys and girls alike. Soft and comfy, available in even sizes only.