Friday, February 06, 2009

Girls Easter Dresses

Punxutawney Phil says 6 more weeks of winter, but Easter is fast approaching either way. It's time to start thinking about girls Easter dresses, and we've got our hands on some CUTE new styles!

Biscotti (known for Malia Obama's famous election night red gown) has released their fabulous spring line, complete with layered dresses in sunny yellows, crisp whites and strawberry pinks. Big girls, toddlers, and infants can all wear the same fabulous prints, but with age-appropriate cuts designed specifically for them.

Our friends at are pleased to announce a new addition to their store, designer Little Joule. Their Little Joule Croquet Cream Spot Wrap Dress is one of our favorites with its colorful polka dot print and striped ribbon tie!

French designer Lili Gaufrette also welcomes Easter-time with lovely rose prints, like the Lili Gaufrette Lafrime Pink Rose Dress. And if Punxutawney Phil is right, she may need the Lili Gaufrette Leming Pale Pink Cardigan for on top!