Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leggings Not Just Basics Anymore

Leggings aren't just basics anymore, the can dress an outfit up or down. Kenzo's Sweet Dreams Dress paired with Kenzo's pink legging, now she can ride her bike and play with style. Jean Bourget pairs leggings with their Jean Bourget Tiny Casual Gingham Dress for a complete look, she can criss cross apple sauce no problem!
Leggings are just for layering under dresses IKKS and Jean Bourget big girl break out the long tunics for Summer. Lili Gaufrette's Navy Polka Dot Top paired with their classic legging makes a play outfit pleasing. Catimini always known for layering offers a trendy sundress with or without leggings, the Catimini Labo Sundress simply fabulous anyway!