Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...In with the New!

Kids boutique clothing connoisseur Trendy Togs takes on several new lines this spring, including the UK designs of Little Joule and the U.S's very own Isabel Garreton.

If the winter weather has got you down, check out Little Joule's collection of clothing for boys and girls--their breezy cotton dresses and soccer team polos scream summer fun! From the creepy crawley picnic-inspired Little Joule Crawley White Embroidered Tee straight to the beach with the Little Joule Frillseeker Lighthouse RuffleDress, Little Joule knows how to delight.

For girls with extra sass and flair, head on over to the Isabel Garreton shop and take a peek at the Isabel Garreton Crazy Pink Ribbon Dress and matching Bubble Onesie. The polka dot lining makes these pieces too cute for words!