Saturday, April 01, 2006

Would your kid be listed under "The Worst Looks for Kids 2005"?

A great article written by Michelle Kouzmine, in her kid's fashion column on She hits on 5 key points. So mom's (and anyone shopping for kids clothes) it's time to pay attention.

The trends are leaning in the direction of "getting older younger". This is probably one area that really disappoints me, in both parents choices and the greedy industry (cash is king at the expense of our kids childhoods). So let's defend our kids and let our kids be kids, don't dress them like they are mini adults, they'll have years of it (believe me). There are plenty of great looks out there, that are fun and unique without turning your daughter into a Bratz doll.

Make it a team effort when clothes shopping with your kids. Find clothes that expresses their personality and one's that you can live with. It can be tough, my daughter keeps finding these massive bows from her toddler years that she thinks is just the stunning finishing touch for her ensemble. It's painful and just completely kills her outfit that I have painstakingly put together...but she's got to be able to express herself and make choices.

So if you've read Michelle's article and are guilty, it's a new year (pretty new anyways) there's still time to make amends!